Latest TV Commercials

'Who is it?' Game show 1

We chose a game show due to Australias fascination with them!

There are times when you need to engage where people are at! We assumed that people were looking away from the screen at their Tablets, (Nielsen survey' - 74% now dual screening') so we designed the commercial to make them look up!

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'Who is it?' Game show 2

We used virtual technology to create the set & control all the elements

We did a second commercial, so people wouldn't get bored (ad weary, or 'same ol, same ol, as Aussies call it) This took the show to a deeper level with the contestant hyper ventilating under pressure. We added a comic element whilst at the same time getting our message across.

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Masterchef contestant

Peter was a Top 10 contestant on this popular show & caught him cooking!

Keeping an eye on what's happening in your local area can reap good rewards, especially if you have a camera handy! Most times you will get permission to film them and get some good exposure for your business! It gave Peter some good exposure as well as us! A 'Win - Win'

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Live cooking show

We filmed this weekly cooking show 'live' in the middle of a really busy Farmers market

We had lots of wonderful challenges (like customers wandering in to have chat with the chef!) The magic of Post production work, turned the top pic into the 15 minute show below!

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TV Commercial News

Small business show image
Small Business Shows
How do you stand out from the opposition? Create your very own show! 5 - 10 minute business shows are the way forward. Engage with those who are interested in your products/services and start your own YouTube commercial channel. Thanks to our digital technology, these shows are a LOT less expensive than you think!
Rise of 3rd party wedsites image
Rise of 3rd Party Websites
You may not have noticed the rise of what we term '3rd party websites' This is where an established brand is directing people to another (not their main) website. Mitsubishi is a great example, with their "Its's a Mitsi" campaign. It's not directing them to their main site but rather to the 'itsamitsi' website.. We know why this is.. :)
Coles TV commercial image
Coles TV Commercial
Chef Curtis Stone is directing people to and not the Coles main site.. Why? Because people just want the 'short version' or 'the recipes' So that's where he sends them.. Find out what people want and an easy way to get it and they will flock there!

Some of our commercial websites

Nursery website image
Beauty salon website

The objective is not just to give information but to engage with potential customers. People don't want tons of info anymore..

Nursery website image
Large Nursery

We also created 4 videos to engage customers through various channels. Owner told us we had achieved more in 14 weeks than he had in 15 years!

Tiger Moth Flights

New business. Created engaging website & video showing the experience consumer will get. Promotes on various channels. Working for him!

Nursery website image
Olive oil website

Created a beautiful feeling site that not only engages with consumers but also takes out the top spot Aus wide for their major search term!

Some of our recent commercials

JCW electrical
Southern car
Beauty Revival
VampFit Gym