Small Business Shows

Small Business shows

How do you stand out from the opposition?!

Create your very own show! 5 - 10 minute business shows are the way forward. Engage with those who are interested in your products/services and start your own YouTube channel. Thanks to our digital technology, these shows are a LOT less expensive than you think!

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Small Business Commercials

With media getting fractured and people in information overload, getting your own short show may be the way forward. The show is set in a million dollar looking talk show set and our presenter asks you pre set questions about your business or product. This gives you a great opportunity to engage with those interested in your product or service and stands you out from the opposition BIG TIME! With advances in technology, it only costs a fraction of what it used to, to produce one of these!

HD Video production

The world is going more 'visual' as the amount of information increases. It's a lot easier to watch a 2 minute video about what you do or sell, than to trawl through a heap of words to find out. Nearly 2/3rds of the worlds data is now video.. You have to entertain people now if you want to inform them.

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world class websites

Mediaworx has been creating 'world class websites™ ' for over 7 years, with everyone of them making page 1 of the Search engine results for major search terms. We also specialise in SEO (Search engine optimisation) If you are not on page 1 of Google search results, people won't find you.. '

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TV Commercial News

5 to 30 second commercials
Producing a TV commercial can be a lot more cost effective than most believe. With prices for a 15 second HD commercial starting from around $620 plus gst, entry is well and truly affordable. We see a move towards short 5 second commercials, which start at just $255 + gst (You need to get 3 commercials created as the TV Network will only run all 3 in a single ad block. We also have a good relationship with the Networks and often get 'generous' air-time allowances.. plus freebies :)
One Stop Shop
We can assist you both with marketing advice, branding your business, making the commercial and getting it to air, all in one go! We see everything as 'connected' now. The consumer wants a seamless experience with minimal effort. Your message needs to be very visual and engaging. You need to make it as easy and painless as you can for them. 7 out of 10 Aussies are looking down at their Tablets or phones when the ad breaks come on, so you need to give them a reason to look up at your commercial.
Free Chat!
It costs nothing to chat to us. We are a one stop shop with everything in house.
From your Logo design, website, video to TV commercial or small business show, we are here to help get you to the top. Mediaworx has also been creating 'world class websites™ ' for over 7 years, with everyone of them making page 1 of the Search engine results for major search terms. We specialise in SEO (Search engine optimisation) Not on page 1 of Google search results? People won't find you!

Some of our commercial websites

Nursery website image
Beauty salon website

The objective is not just to give information but to engage with potential customers. People don't want tons of info anymore..

Nursery website image
Large Nursery

We also created 4 videos to engage customers through various channels. Owner told us we had achieved more in 14 weeks than he had in 15 years!

Nursery website image
Tiger Moth Flights

New business. Created engaging website & video showing the experience consumer will get. Promotes on various channels. Working for him!

Nursery website image
Olive oil website

Created a beautiful feeling site that not only engages with consumers but also takes out the top spot Aus wide for their major search term!

Some of our recent commercials

JCW Electrical Bunbury commercial image
JCW electrical
JCW Electrical Bunbury commercials image
JCW Electrical Bunbury tv commercial image
Southern Car Care commercial image
Southern car
Beauty Clinic Bunbury TV Commercial image
Beauty Revival
Vampfit Gym Tv Commercial image
VampFit Gym