A lot of companies get a Television commercial and run it over and over again, thinking it will stick in viewers minds. Unfortunately, with today's overload society, the opposite is happening! ''Ad weary' is a term going around these days. We have discovered that you "Have to entertain people if you want to inform them" You can't just serve up the same dinner ever night.. sooner or later, they will get fed up with it. To help stop this, we give you a free 15 second 'reminder' ad that you can run at a later date to bring to remembrance your 30 sec. This also helps keep your air time costs down, whilst helping stop 'same ol.. same ol' from happening to your brand.

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All our premium commercials come with a free 15 second 'follower' commercial. Don't bore your audience.

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We can craft your 15 second ad, to 'add value' to your initial offering and help stop 'same ol.. 'same ol' and 'ad weary' from happening to your brand. Keeps your air time cost right down as well..


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