You will start to see the rise of 5 and 15 second Television commercials. People are in information overload.. The 'short version' has more penetration than the convention 30 second ads. Longer ads are ok, if the viewer is interested in that area but if you want to get their attention away from their Tablet or Smart phone..
Shorter, to the point, commercials are the way forward. Plus, they greatly reduce your air time costs! You can see some of our own 5 second commercials HERE

5 & 15 second TV commercials


Make a statement.. Grab their attention.


Make them look up - engage


We can absorb a single statement


We are information overloaded.. "Short version please!"

5 seconds

Attention grabbers

Requires 3 of these in a single 3 minute ad block.. and that can work really well in getting your 3 main points over !

15 ses

Short version please

You scarcely see a 30 sec ad on the commercial channels the UK anymore. People just want the short version. Direct them to your website if they are interested in your offering.


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